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Nicoya Festivals Generate $81,000 Profit

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The civic festivities held in January in the canton generated a profit of ¢46 million ($81,000), according to the latest report presented by the Regional Organization for the Development of Nicoya (Orden) to the city council.

Of that total, ¢34.5 million ($61,000, or 75 percent of the earnings) will be used to build a new bullring on the San Blas fairgrounds with capacity for 800 people and with access for the disabled.

‘’The stands are totally accessible, with a blue zone vision for senior citizens and people with disabilities,” Orden president Mario William Acosta said. “There are even spaces for wheelchairs.”

This is the first time that a permanent bullring will be built instead of a temporary one like on previous occasions. “Before, we used to invest an average of ¢14 million ($25,000) per year to build a temporary wooden bullring. Now, this one will be around for years to come,” Acosta told The Voice of Guanacaste.

The other ¢11.5 million ($20,000, or 25% of the earnings) were donated to the Nicoya Association for People with Special Needs (Asonipe). With this donation, Orden fulfilled the agreement made with the city council when they were awarded festival planning.

The resources also allowed for the construction of the Red Cross post and a multi-use function room on the fairgrounds.

Two More Years

City Council awarded the organization of the festival to Orden for four years (2017-2020). In 2017, the first year, the profit was ¢37 million ($65,000), of which Asonipe received ¢10 million ($18,000) and the other ¢27 million ($48,000) were used for a bullpen with capacity for 24 bulls.

Orden’s idea is that, in the two years they have left, they can expand the stands to hold up to 3,000 people. They also plan to build a roof over the bullring.

Additionally, the earnings that Asonipe continues to receive will be used for the construction of a trade school for people with disabilities.