Nicoya Recovers 350 Tons of Recyclables

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The Integrated Solid Waste Management Program of Nicoya’s Municipal Department of Environmental Management (Departamento de Gestión Ambiental)has achieved the reuse of 350 metric tons since May 2011, when the Materials Recovery Center was opened, which required an investment of $140,000 total (₡70 million) including infrastructure, equipment and vehicles.

The selective collection of materials is carried out by two local government carts.

The project is part of a general policy of waste management which, in addition to recycling, involves the technical closure of the local government’s landfill in December of 2011.

Work has been done on these two fronts in observance of an order issued by the Ministry of Health (Ministerio de Salud). The place is currently closed. All garbage was covered with various layers of dirt, and in addition, perimeter fencing was installed to prevent intruders from entering.

So far in the technical closure of the landfill, $160,000 (₡80 million) has been invested. Today Nicoya’s wastes are shipped to Santa Cruz.

Along with traditional waste collection, several private companies engaged in the sale of appliances have implemented campaigns to recover electronic devices.

According to data from the National Guide for Waste Management of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT – Instituto Costarricense de Turismo), in 2012, Nicoya ranked second in Guanacaste in recycling, and in 2013 the county was ranked first nationally with a score of 98.9 percent in accomplishing goals