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Nosara Will Form Emergency Committee This Saturday, November 8

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This Saturday, November 8th, the district of Nosara will form the Community Emergency Committee in the town’s multipurpose hall at 5 p.m., and you can take part in it.

Nicoya’s vice mayor, Adriana Rodriguez, explained that the idea is to form and train a committee to be prepared in case of emergencies such as floods and earthquakes.

“These committees are important in order to help the communities during emergencies. We also want to train them so that they can create an emergency plan for Nosara and can do simulations,” explained the vice mayor.

Any community resident can be part of the committee; however, they must commit to participating in the group’s workshops and meetings. Usually these teams are composed of a coordinator, an assistant coordinator, an advisor, a secretary and one or two vocal members.

According to Jeannette Perez of the risk management unit of the Municipality of Nicoya, this type of group is a great help in the towns since they can assess whether there are vulnerable communities.

“The idea is that this committee can conduct censuses, count the population and detect if there are people living in vulnerable or high-risk areas in cases of emergencies, to see how they can intervene,” commented Perez.

On Saturday, Israel Carrera, a delegate from the National Emergency Commission who is in charge of the district of Nicoya, will also be present and will explain basic rules for Communal Emergency Committees.