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OIJ Arrests Man Suspected of Embezzlement In Front of Nicoya’s Colonial Church

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The afternoon of Monday, January 19th, the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrested a man for allegedly committing the crime of embezzlement, taking advantage of his position as a public employee.

Embezzlement is a crime that involves misappropriation of money belonging to the state by people who are in charge of its control and custody.

The arrest was made after 3 p.m. in front of the colonial church. According to a report from the OIJ press department, the suspect’s last names are Matarrita Pizarro.

According to the report, Matarrita was charging a Costa Rican man, whose identity has been protected, ¢400,000 (about $750) to facilitate a refund of money since the man had won a lawsuit for ¢2 million (about $3750).

Matarrita assured the man that if he gave him the money, he could speed up procedures to deposit the ¢2 million.

Matarrita Pizarro was a court employee for Nicoya’s high court.

During the arrest, Public Force police officers provided backup and closed the street between Banco de Costa Rica and the park of Nicoya for almost an hour.

For now, the process is in the investigation stage.


Editor’s Note: OIJ received a complaint against Matarrita for embezzlement. However, when cases are transferred to the Public Ministry, the assistant district attorney can modify the offense if deemed appropriate. Now the crime with which he is charged is extorsion.