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Pacifico Azul Relocates

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Don’t worry if you can’t find the delicious seafood made by Carlos Sibaja and his wife Melisa at Pacifico Azul. As of November, the restaurant will move to The Gilded Iguana Hotel, along the path in front.

The restaurant will keep the name Pacifico Azul, but there will be some changes. For example, food can now be enjoyed at the pool bar with a cocktail in hand, watching a soccer game, or at tables outside in the garden.

There are also new items on the menu, including classic breakfasts, pasta specials, nachos, chicken wings and wraps. But if you’re a fan of the red snapper with avocado sauce, tuna with tartar sauce or squid al ajillo (cooked in garlic sauce), the Sibajas will still prepare those dishes.

The bands that normally played live music at Pacifico Azul under the name Fish Bar will not be playing at the Gilded Iguana during this season, but live music will continue on Tuesdays on Sundays.

Open from 7a.m. to 10 p.m.

For more information, call 2682-0259 or 2682-5456.