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Rodolfo Piza: “Let’s Fix This Mess Together”

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With a call for union, the presidential candidate for the  Christian Social Unity Party (PUSC- Partido Unidad Social Cristiana), Rodolfo Piza, addressed Nicoyans after recounting the social works PUSC has done in the past.

He was accompanied by the four legislative candidates for Guanacaste, Johnny Leiva for Liberia, Etelvina Jiron for Santa Cruz, Carlos Chanto for Carrillo and Jeannette Gutierrez of Nicoya, and the activity was also attended by former legislator Emanuel Ajoy Chan.

Rodolfo Piza addressed Nicoyans with carefully measured words, pausing throughout his speech, trying to capture the audience of about 100 people on the second floor of Coopealianza with these words: “We do not promise to solve all the problems but we promise to do things better.”

Piza is confident that his future government will continue the work left by the precursors of the party (PUSC) without damaging the structure of the managing State.

Piza focused more on highlighting  social works accomplished by PUSC in the past than in enumerating actions of his possible government; however he said, “We don’t ask for your vote because of the past… we ask for your vote because of the future.”

Meanwhile, former legislator Emanuel Ajoy said Piza is a hero of the party because he has taken on the nomination under difficult conditions, while legislative candidate Carlos Chanto compared him to the captain of a ship.

Regarding the development of Guanacaste, Piza said it is important to get job training and reproached charging the people more taxes. “We have been slowly mortgaging the future of our children,” he expressed.

For the candidate, Costa Rica’s worst problem is that the people have lost faith. “The main problem of Costa Ricans is not unemployment or housing… The main problem is despair… We  want to recover that hope.”   And after listing the problems facing the country, he invited Guanacastecans to give him their support with these final words: “Let’s fix this mess together.”