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Sámara Creates Committee for Animal Rescue

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The human-animal relationship is ancient, and dogs primarily have provided man with countless and invaluable physical and psychological benefits; however, far from paying them back in the same way, they have been treated as consumer goods, which often become – most of the time – a bother, that under circumstances such as lack of economic capacity, changes of residence, onset of allergies, a compulsive purchase or incompatibility, can be acquired and disposed of at will, forgetting that it is a living thing and that many of these situations are relatively simple to fix.

There are many places that have given protection to dogs that are physically abused and left to die.

In Sámara, Animals of Sámara (Animales de Sámara) is a local group of volunteers who put their efforts towards animal welfare.

The mission is to help abandoned or socially disadvantaged animals, rescuing them, finding them foster homes, medical care and a permanent home. The collaborators help control animal overpopulation by castration campaigns and seek to raise public awareness about the care and responsible ownership of animals.

The group is supported by donations from locals, tourists and some companies.

The driving force of this project is the dynamic Berit Funke, known as “Chispa,” who says she started to rescue animals in 2001. Until now, she has rescued more than 80 animals, mostly dogs.

The Committee for the Protection of Animals of Sámara was formed in 2008 when the National Animal Health Service (SENASA – Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal) caught 15 horses that were eventually taken to Alajuela for slaughter. Because of that, the idea of protecting animals in Sámara came about.

“Most of the animals we rescue are abandoned with malnutrition, skin diseases, allergies, shock, wounds and anemia. Here I care for them and give them to foster homes,” says Funke.

“We also help pets of people of limited means to heal and neuter their animals. All expenses are covered by donations or our private funds. The community supports us, some businesses are generous donors and many residents donate what they can,” she added.

If you want to be part of this effort to help animals, you can contact the volunteers through email: [email protected] or through Facebook: Animales de Sámara, or call Berit Funke at 8942-2637.