Samara Development Association Created with 157 Members

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Sunday, January 24 of 2016 was a historic day for Playa Samara: the first assembly of the Samara Development Association (ADIS – Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Samara) was held.

ADIS will serve the interests of residents of downtown Samara, which until now did not have its own development association.

The assembly surpassed expectations, as only 100 signatures were needed and 157 new members were in attendance.

Until now, many Samara residents had been affiliated with the ADI in Buena Vista. However, from now on, they will look for solutions to the problems facing the Samaran community.

The assembly was held in the community center on Sunday at 3 p.m.

The board of directors is made up of President Jose Fulvio Paniagua, Vice President Cristian Jimenez Barrantes, Secretary Evelyn Antabi, Treasurer Ibet Jimenez, First Vocal Sinay Jimenez, Second Vocal Lucia Mahlith and Third Vocal Bryan Ramirez.


The elections for president and vice president were simple because there were no [other] nominees; no one else wanted to take the job, but the people who were proposed are people from the community, people respect them and trust them… For the other posts there were more nominees,” said Evelyn Antabi, the secretary-elect.

It should be noted that people must be Costa Rican or have residency to be an active part of the association. The Samara community has a population of more than 1,500 people who will now have the opportunity to work actively in the new ADIS and manage projects.

According to Antabi, in the coming days they will be completing paperwork with the National Community Development Administration (DINADECO – Direccion Nacional de Desarrollo de las Comunidades) to move forward with obtaining legal documents for the organization’s accreditation, including its official identification and list of directors, enabling it to function.

Once the documentation has been completed, the association will proceed to implement their  work plan. According to Antabi, some of the priorities include creating a wastewater treatment plant, improving health services through the EBAIS and other projects that involve the well-being of Samara residents.