Samara Fishermen Seek Property for Processing Center

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The fishermen of Playa Samara are tired of having to sell their products at a low price to intermediaries who earn all the profits simply because they lack their own facility to process and sell them.

For that reason, representatives of the Association of Playa Samara Traditional Fishermen (Asociacion de Pescadores Artesanales de Playa Samara) and Incopesca attended the May 16 session of the Nicoya municipal council, with the goal of requesting a municipal land concession that would allow them to develop their business.

Ricardo Gutierrez, regional director for Incopesca, explained that the goal of the project is not just to free the fishermen from intermediaries, but also to empower them to diversify their business through rural community tourism.

Gladys Ávila, Vice President of ASONIPE

This project will allow fishermen to cut the chains of intermediaries, even that they sell their own products. The center isn’t just a big box where fish is received and filleted, but it will also have a training room; INA is offering us professional support in business management,” he said.

According to the plans, the structure would be modular and equipped with a room for fish processing, solar panels and an area to receive tourists and training.

The project will cost some ₡200 million ($375,000) and would be paid for by the Rural Development Institute (INDER – Instituto de Desarrollo Rural).

A site for the facility is urgently needed. One of the options is a property in the area known as Bajo Cambute that is close to the beach, which is why council members will  evaluate the possibility of conceding it.

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