Santa Cruz declares itself as a santuary of native seeds

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By unanimous agreement the town of Santa Cruz, welcomed the declaration of the Canton as a native seeds sanctuary.

The declaration is a tribute and recognition to farmer families, who have cultivated, defended, preserved and enjoyed native seeds. Healthy, natural, free, non-genetically altered or patented seeds.

In previous months, Manuel Obregón, Minister of Culture, proclaimed corn as natural and cultural heritage of Costa Rica.

In Nicoya, before the arrival of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) local producers believed that the native corn was best for strength, reproduction and even a feeling of belongingness and comfort acquired over the years.

Santa Cruz has a wide variety of native seeds. Many families still retain, grow and protect their seeds in their yards, gardens and fields. The seeds have been inherited from their ancestors, from generation to generation, which contributes to the arguments of the declaration.

During the declaration, the critical situation that has affected family farming throughout the years was mentioned: many natural seed varieties have been replaced by hybrids that are useless after one harvest. 

It was also reported  that the underground imposition  of  transgenic genetically altered seeds, that require more artificial chemicals in the process and are patented by a few companies, also affect the health of people and the environment and aggravate the economic dependence on the seeds.

The declaration establishes June 20, 2013, as the day to celebrate the ownership and conservation of seeds in the canton.