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“Surf for Youth” Tournament Will Distribute $ 1,000 in Prizes

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Among the magnificent black sand and big waves of Frijolar Beach in Marbella, Santa Cruz, Surf for Youth, a social responsibility program of the organization Waves Costa Rica, will hold a surf tournament with a very special goal: to raise funds to continue supporting local low-income youth in their training as surfers.

The second edition of this event will be held on Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, the 7th, starting at 7 a.m., renowned national surfers are expected to participate, competing side by side with new talent wishing to make themselves known and be part of this tournament.

“With this event, we want to bring a sample of professional surfing to the area, so we see it as an opportunity where new talents can compete with the best surfers in the country,” said Andrea Diaz, director of Waves Costa Rica.

The tournament will feature three categories: male and female open, grommets (children under 12 years) and masters (over 35 years), with a total of 88 spots. $1,000 in prizes will be paid out among the top four places in the open category.

The objective of this program is to use surfing as a motivational tool in the lives of young people in the area, encourage them to get good grades in school, turn them into role models for other young people and thus eradicate school dropouts.

After the first edition of this tournament, in May of last year, the organization raised enough funds to work with 12 boys and girls from Brasilito, Santa Rosa, Tamarindo and Villareal through training, competitions and formal academic support. New talents who join the program have a weekly training schedule and receive free transportation to competition sites.

“We have been training them for one year and the group has been so successful and has reached a high level. We are already traveling with the kids to participate in national circuit tournaments,” said Diaz. This year, the money raised from the tournament will be used to buy surfboards and to encourage healthy competition under the principles of discipline, effort and motivation. If you are a “surfo” interested in competing in this extraordinary event, the registration fee is $35 for the open category, $10 for grommets and $20 for masters and long board.

Spots can be reserved by email [email protected], telephone 8829-4610, or Waves Costa Rica Facebook page. Sponsors include Quicksilver, Revista 7 Mares, Wipeout Films, Reserva Conchal, the Punto Surf radio program, Hotel El Mangral, Camelo Bikinis and others.