Tamarindo-Langosta Route Will Be Paved By End of Year

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In late July, the Municipality of Santa Cruz opened the bidding process to contract the company that will condition the gravelroad between Tamarindo and Langosta so the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) can put on a layer of asphalt.
The mayor of Santa Cruz, Jorge Chavarria, explained that the municipality has approved ¢94 million ($177,350) to be used to make a curb, gutter, base and sub-base for the route since they are part of the requirements that MOPT asks forin order tolay the asphalt.

Although word had spread that the 2.8 kilometers of the roadway would be paved, the municipality clarified to The Voice of Guanacastethat only 1 kilometer will receive a layer of asphalt.

The municipality has already made about 500 meters of curb and gutter but still has to make the remaining 500 meters.

The kilometer that will be fixed will be the stretch from Langosta Beach Club to the intersection of Y Griega de Langosta.

According to Alonso Jimenez, member of the Tamarindo Chamber of Tourism, the community and the chamber have been processing the repair of the route since October of 2014.

“It saddens me to see how slow this process is. For MOPT to intervene, the municipality has to open the bidding process and they need to receive at least three bidders. We know that this will not be soon,” Jimenez said.

For his part, Chavarria indicated that a company will be contracted in August.  However, it could be delayed by getting approval from the Municipal Council.

The mayor hopes to be able to negotiate with private companies to help finance the 1.8 kilometers that would still be gravel to be able to pave it.