The Four Electoral Faces in Guanacaste

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There is no doubt that the majority of Guanacaste supported presidential candidate Fabricio Alvarado in the first round of the election, nor that abstentionism kept 40% of the Guanacaste electorate out of the voting booth.

Yet despite this combination of apathy towards politics and hope deposited in religion, we can’t look at the province as a large homogenous mass. We are also diverse and these stories prove it.

If we look at it from a general perspective, Fabricio Alvarado was the preferred candidate in Tilarán, Bagaces, Cañas, Nandayure, Liberia, La Cruz and Carrillo, while Liberation candidate Antonio Alvarez received the majority of support in Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Hojancha and Abangares. In Tilarán, 67% of registered voters cast ballots (almost as much as the average for San Jose) while in La Cruz only 53% went to the ballot box.

Within these same cantons there are many different faces. While Fabricio Alvarado won Nandayure, the capital of the canton (Carmona) preferred Carlos Alvarado. In fact, it was the only district in all Guanacaste where PAC won with 23% of the vote.

At The Voice of Guanacaste we decided to show you the faces that don’t appear in the media and explain why things are the way they are from the point of view of the people. With you, Carmona de Nandayure, Quebrada Honda de Nicoya, Bebedero de Cañas and La Cruz.