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“Those who want war will get war,” Marcos Jiménez, Municipal Mayor

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If doubts remained about the confrontation between members of Nicoya’s Municipal Council, “war” was officially declared during the council’s ordinary session on Monday, May 19, with an announcement made by Marco Jimenez, municipal mayor, of plans to censor proposals made by Councilors Ana Lizeth Espinoza Fonseca and Carlos Medina Fernandez.

Jimenez made the announcement after reading a document sent on May 12 by the General Controller of the Republic, rejecting a request made by the councilors Espinoza Fonseca and Medina Fernandez to review and revoke the purchase process of land for the new cemetery.

In a document sent to the Controller’s office on April 25, the councilors claimed that the land, which belongs to Mario Rojas Huertas and is located in the Las Brisas del Cerro neighborhood, is not the most appropriate place for the construction of the new cemetery. Among reasons they cited were that the property doesn’t have a registered land survey and that it was the only property considered during the adjudication process.

During the municipal session on April 28, Santos Juarez, president of the cemetery commission, had presented the approved and up-to-date survey for the land that the municipality intends to purchase.

The Controller answered that the sale process could proceed, indicating that the fact that only one eligible offer exists does not negate the adjudication process done by the municipality. The purchase of the property continues to move forward.

Because of the resolution, the mayor pointed towards the Councilors Espinoza Fonseca and Medina Fernandez, saying, “Those who say they are talking about transparency in processes while they’ve been opaque [are] lying to the people of Nicoya with deception.”

In addition, Jimenez announced that going forward, he will veto all of the agreements made by Councilors Ana Lizeth Espinoza and Carlos Medina.

The municipal code enables mayors to penalize or veto agreements made by council members.

“Those who want war will get war. Whoever goes at it with me, I’ll go at it with him,” Jimenez stated.

For her part, Ana Lizeth Espinoza said, “I don’t have to respond to the mayor’s threats; I believe that I have the right as a member of this council and a Nicoyan to file complaints, and if he wants to denounce me he should do it, because I will defend myself,” she affirmed.

On that regard, Councilor Rodolfo Orozco said, “This is a political show; surely Mr. [Carlos] Medina did not come today because of this document.” He added, “I feel ashamed for people that sell out and change parties. This lady [Ana Lizeth Espinoza] is not a colleague in my faction [PLN].”

Lastly, Councilor Juan Edwin Yocken indicated that, “Ignorance is insolent, and this audacity has already gone beyond the limit. There have been too many times that they’ve complicated things with municipal abnormalities. If they had shame they would give up their posts and give space for people who want to work for Nicoya.”