2016 Brought Many Compelling Stories

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2016 was a year of changes for The Voice of Guanacaste. It was a year in which we denounced the unjust, explored unforgettable locations, suffered deep sorrow and were uplifted by inspiring stories. Our team lived it all with intensity throughout the year, and we’d like to share some of those moments with you:

We began the year by telling you how local government leaders took office, we informed you about the progress and community concerns over the Ostional Law, we celebrated the end of the drought and we worried about the deep problems it caused for the province’s water sources.

We described in depth how all of Guanacaste is preparing to quench its thirst, and we gave a voice to the communities that are most vulnerable to potable water scarcity, such as Playa Hermosa and Nosara. We also told you about one of the causes of future scarcity: over 50 years of unchecked exploitation of the Tempisque River.

Thanks to those reports, we won prestigious national awards and received special mentions.

We explored other forms of journalism, and we delved into data to help us understand what makes us Guanacastecan. We dared to wear our colors and raise our voices for the rights of sexually diverse people.

We warned about the frequent practice of real estate fraud, and we described in detail the future panorama of real estate in the region.

We took you on journeys and discovered the seven wonders of Hojancha, and sampled some of the best sodas in Guanacaste, with traditional food from the province.

We watched as the first Cuban refugees at our border left toward their destinations while others arrived, and continue to remain here.

We were part of the community, and with it, we documented the disasters of Hurricane Otto, but also how businesses rose from the rubble after the crisis.

As always, and more than ever, this year our team gave voice to the communities. We fulfilled our mission, and of that we are proud. In 2017, we will continue working for you, and with you, our readers.

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