Councilor and Syndics Complain of Salinization in Playa Brasilito ASADA’s Wells

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Indignant and worried about the quality and lack of water in some coastal communities, one councilor and two syndics of the Santa Cruz municipal council discussed the problemsfaced by customers of the Playa Brasilito ASADA, notably the salinization of wells that supply the water system.

During the November 10 council session, Councilor Maria Rosa Angulo presented her colleagues with her concern, stating that the community’s residents are drinking salt water.

Maritza Marchena Valerin, the secondary syndic from the Cabo Velas district and secretary for the Brasilito Development Association, also said that she is worried by the water’s salt and chlorine flavor.

“I live in Playa Brasilito. For a month the water has had a very different flavor, when you open the tap and fill a glass it comes out like you’re drinking milk; it comes out white. In addition, because of the salt [the ASADA’s management] adds more chlorine to reduce the flavor a bit,” said Marchena Valerin.

Efrain Obando, the primary syndic for the Cabo Velas district and president of the ASADA and Development Association in Matapalo, recognized that there is also a health risk, and although he stated that in his community they have not had problems with well salinization, he regrets that the councilors have not formed a municipal commission to handle the problem.

“I proposed the formation of a commission within the council to arrive at an agreement on the subject of water because it has become salinized in some communities. However, what the council does is listen, nothing more. Here there is a lack of political will to carry water to the coasts,” stated Obando.

For his part, Francisco Zuñiga, the councilor who presided over the session, indicated that the subject is primarily the responsibility of AyA, although he didn’t reject the idea that the municipality could provide some kind of help, without specifying what type.

Resident Requests Accelerated Process to Place Sculptures in Bernabela Ramos Park

During the session, Jose Maria Matarrita Mendoza, a resident of Santa Cruz, reminded councilors that for three months they have promised to place pedestals for three sculptures of Santa Cruz personages.

The project involves the writer Maria Leal de Noguera, the famous cattleman Marcial Arrieta Gonzalez and the composer Jesus Bonilla Chavarria, whose sculptures will have a space on the west side of Bernabela Ramos park, across from the Red Cross station.

“I’m worried because three months ago [the councilors] were presented with a program for the monument’s inauguration. The date for the inauguration was set for December 4 and during this time the municipality had to build the pedestals; as of today it hasn’t begun and we are three weeks away,” said Matarrita Mendoza.

The councilors agreed to communicate withthe administration so that the director of the works, Diego Rodriguez Galagarza can speed up the construction process.





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