Managing Foreign Investment: Gerardo Brenes, National Advancement Party

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Jose Gerardo Brenes Alfaro is a successful businessman. He was born in Santa Cruz and currently resides in Brasilito of Santa Cruz. He is dedicated to his development business, where his strength is administrative business management.

Brenes travels to different countries around the world, getting to know business strategies and managing foreign investment in Costa Rica. He founded the Cepia Association, a nonprofit organization that protects female minors suffering from problems of family breakdown, abandonment or premature pregnancy. He is president of the North Pacific Fishermen’s Association, President of the Association of Customs and Traditions of Santa Cruz, a cultural organization, and chairs the Association for Universal Peace, which is affiliated with the United Nations and is represented by 140 countries. In addition, he founded Paz Community School, a bilingual school in Santa Cruz.

Regarding his vision and projections for Guanacaste, he commented, “I want Guanacaste to consume its own power, for Guanacaste to manage its own resources, so that what is produced here will provide benefits to the province… I want Abangares to be a jewelry-making canton, for us to turn the gold that is produced there into jewelry, so there is work for many people and the economy grows… I have an ambitious project to create a railway linking the Gulf of Nicoya with Cuajiniquil, where we have Cuajiniquil as a departure point and access to the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, with the goal of growing Guanacaste’s industry. Since I travel daily and have friendship with Asian countries, I’ve noticed that for them, the railroads are an important part of the economy of these countries.”

He also assured: “As an businessman, I have a vision of a good administration and I believe that Guanacaste requires a good administration of their resources… Some legislators who have been elected in the province just go to San Jose to live the good life while Guanacaste falls to pieces… My position is to get to congress to give back to this province that has given me so much… For this, we will work with everything… but I’m not Superman; I need everyone in order to bring forth our projects for Guanacaste.”