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Regional Women’s Football Squad in Nicoya Seeks New Talent

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The regional women’s football squad in Nicoya has begun another effort to find promising young talent in order to train them in the competitive sport.


José Luis Juárez, certified trainer of non-professional football and coach of the regional team, said the new process is an opportunity to find new talent in the 2001, 2002 and 2003 categories of girls aged 13 to 15.


This is the third consecutive year that the regional football squad in Nicoya will train new players, who later could be chosen to join higher categories such as under-15 and under-17.


Currently, 20 young athletes from Nicoya center and communities including Belén, Corralillo and Mansión are part of the squad, but the recruiting process is open to anyone interested, Juárez said.


“We’re going to start at zero. It’s important that the girls who come to try out are disciplined and committed to continuing the process,” Juárez said.


On Oct. 30, participants will compete in the format of everyone against everyone (each team competes against everyone else), between the regional women’s squads from Cañas, Liberia, Nicoya and Santa Cruz.


Nicoya will be looking for first place in the province and to classify to compete against the winners of other regions in the country, after losing the past two years.


Practices are held once a week and have no registration charge or monthly fee.


One way for interested players to show off their talent for football is the Festival Vive Tus Sueños, which will take place at the Corralillo school’s football field on Oct. 18.


In 2014, the last year the festival was held, the Chorotega Stadium in Nicoya welcomed 130 young athletes who hoped to become the team’s newest members.


This year, entry is open and organizers hope 100 girls will participate.


For more information, contact José Luis Juárez at: 8635-9722.