Tamarindo Art Wave Festival announces Manuel Obregón

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The pianist and ex-minister of culture, Manuel Obregón will be part of the list of guest artists at the second Art Wave Festival in Tamarindo.


The festival will take place from November 29 to December 3 all along the coast. This will be the second time that Obregón and nova take the stage, as they also participated in the festival last year.


The recognized national singer and songwriter Debi Nova is part of the artists to whom the invitation was extended; however, due to some arrangements, her assistance is not confirmed yet.


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Although festival organizers haven’t yet revealed the entire event schedule, they have offered a glimpse of some of the most important activities.


The main event will be a virtual night.


In a virtual night, an artist will paint three-dimensional sculptures simultaneously with artists in Toronto and New York City.


Organizers are assessing having the Costa Rica Philharmonic Orchestra provide the soundtrack from Costa Rica. The money to bring in the orchestra could eventually come from the municipality of Santa Cruz’s culture commission.

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The local government has already committed ¢5 million to the organizers.


“This money is seen as an investment. Santa Cruz now has three worldwide projects: the traditional festivals, the marathon, and this project, which evolves from year to year,” said deputy mayor Iván Rodríguez.


The festival first took place last year and was visited by an estimated 5,000 people. Organizers expect more visitors this year.


More activities


The event will also have an exhibition of 50 two-meter-long paintings along the beach. These will be painted by children from at least 22 local public schools and other private educational centers.


The main theme of this year’s event is En-Light.


Griet Depypere, president of the Tamarindo Art Foundation – which is organizing the festival – said that the public schools will be advised by different artists in order to create the paintings.


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Another activity will be the creation of a 1,000-square-meter artistic pavilion or gallery.


This space will be financed by the Costa Rican Tourism Boards (ICT) and will allow national and international artists to exhibit their works.


Artists interested in exhibiting their wares will have to contact organizers, as there is no cost to have a space at the pavilion.


However, the artists will undergo a selection process. Currently a French curator is heading this activity.


We see this space as the heart of the festival. This year we want to increase the quality of the works that will be shown, even though we had set the bar quite high last year,”said Depypere.


Last year the art exhibits were located in certain area businesses and there was a bus that took visitors along a set route to see the art.


Editor’s note: This article was modified on Saturday, August 12, at 4:55 p.m , due to inaccurate information provided by the festival organization.