The Dangerous Left Hidden Among the Rocks

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Our latest report on secret beaches covers Playa Izquierda, a small bay tucked between Playa Samara and Playa Buena Vista.

The property along this beach is a residential community with private access. Those looking to visit the beach will have to do so during low tide, entering from the north side of Samara or walking along the rocks from Buena Vista.

Locals recommend bringing someone else along, as the path is unstable and deserted. In addition, the rocky surface can be dangerous and slippery when wet, especially during the rainy season.

Although today it has become better known because of tourism, local surfers kept it a secret for many years.

The wave is formed on the reef, closes quickly and is only for advanced surfers, as it is fairly dangerous. Surfing at low tide is not recommended.

In addition to the exciting wave, to the left visitors can see Chora Island and part of Playa Samara.

On the beach we saw several tourists and local groups sunbathing, so if you decide to visit Playa Izquierda, keep in mind that you may not be alone. But you will be able to enjoy a relaxed environment where the only sound will be waves crashing on the rocks.