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Chairs, Pots and Handkerchiefs: 10 Images on How to Secure a Front Row Seat at the Santa Cruz Rodeo

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Under the Santa Cruz bull ring, logs extend like an endless ribcage. Lots of people wait there from early on for the day’s rodeo to start.


To save their spaces they use chairs, hats, pots, handkerchiefs, chains and locks that surround the circumference of the wall. But that’s still not enough to guarantee a front row seat. For that, you have to be up at the crack of dawn or pay ¢10,000 ($16.60) per person in order to enter the ring.


The Voice of Guanacaste shows you 10 images of what happens during intermission and how that downtime is filled until the first horn sounds at 2 p.m. during the rodeos of Santa Cruz.