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If You Spot One of These 15 Signs, It’s Time to Seek Help

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Violence against women manifests itself through behaviours that, in many cases, go unnoticed and are even considered “normal” in a relationship.

But detecting signs of violence on time can prevent victims from experiencing a great deal of pain and even save their lives.

The Voice of Guanacaste reviewed research and consulted with psychologists and specialists in gender-based violence in order to create a small list of the most common signs of violence. If you are suffering one or more of these symptoms, don’t wait to seek help. 

The Cycle of Violence

  • Use of force or pressuring me to have sexual relations.
  • He forces me to do things during relations that make me feel uncomfortable.
  • He doesn’t let me use contraception.


  • He always controls our mutual money, property or things that belong to us.
  • He controls where I go, what medications I take and how I dress.



  • He makes me feel like I’m the guilty one in arguments, money problems or problems with the children.
  • I have wanted to end the relationship, but I’m afraid that I can’t make it on my own
  • He forces me to stay home and doesn’t let me go out.
  • He humiliates me or puts me down when I am in public.  
  • He pretends to be the ideal man with my family, but with me he is aggressive or violent.
  • He criticizes my friends in order to keep me away from them.


  • He throws or breaks things and hits walls and doors in the house during arguments.
  • He destroys my personal belongings or sentimental items.
  • He pushes me, slaps me, bites, kicks or even tries to strangle me.
  • He threatens me or uses a weapon against me or my children.