New Experiences Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

Venus moves into expansive Sagittarius on the 8th, and the energy lightens considerably.

We are ready for adventure, and crave stimulation. Our optimism returns, and new experiences offer a breath of fresh air.

Let hope and enthusiasm bring you into the present moment. Stop chasing what you cannot have and take a chance on what’s right in front of you. Become more social and friendly, forgoing security in favor of excitement and the thrill of the ride. Open your heart. Seek out the greenery, and spend a night gazing at the stars. Travel to distant lands, speak different languages, and let your passions lead. Channel positivity into your most intimate relationships. Seek out connections that inspire you, spreading joy like honey. Take emotional risks. Be kind and charitable, honoring others as divine companions along the way.

Words take a back seat, as we fully engage with others. The blessing here is in achieving more because you are part of a team. Honor each meeting for the spark that your co-creating ignites. Let the future remain open to synchronicity.