This Spring Will be Ripe With Opportunities for Fresh Starts

A unique and powerful new moon arrives on the 18th that hovers in between the eccentric sign of Aquarius and the mystical sign of Pisces. We have reached a pivotal point in our path that could be likened to the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end.

This spring will be ripe with the opportunity for fresh starts but timing is everything. As you stand at the crossroads between the past and the future, acknowledge that the choices you make now have the potential to define you. What aspects of your life are based on decisions that you made before you became who you are today? How have you grown and matured? 

Stay focused on what must be completed before beginning something new, taking the time to explore which pieces of your reality are in need of renewal and rejuvenation. Look closely at your connection to the natural forces and listen to your intuition for guidance towards gentle surrender. Can you understand the messages that come through your senses? Are you paying attention to the signals and the signs? What is your connection to divine inspiration? Have you learned to hear the voice of the Universe? Release your attachment to others and deepen your relationship to all that is. Begin to prune away at the past in order to create room for the sunshine to come in.

A major shift takes place when Venus, Mars and the moon move into fiery Aries on the 20th and explosive circumstances are possible.

We are balanced on a precipice, and what lies on the other side is unclear. Sudden or unexpected transformation may soon be on the table for some as the universe conspires to realign them, while others could undergo a healing of sorts. This energy is designed for forward movement and many will find themselves on new shores by the time summer arrives. Get clear on what you want to carry with you to the next level when the time is right. Willingly release the rest to the earth, trusting that you can and will be taught new ways of existing. Remind yourself one more time that we cannot make each other see the light. Meet one another authentically; create space for all parties to be heard, respecting another’s right to walk their own path and chart their own course. Honor the hard work and determination that has brought you to where you are now. Stay focused on sailing your life and get excited about what is to come, allowing your enthusiasm to inspire others to completely transform. 

Bring any less than pleasant recent experiences into a rosy glow of appreciation for all that it took for you to arrive right here, right now. Breathe through impatience and release whatever is required, showing up and honoring today. The future is unpredictable but you must assume that you will live a long and valuable life; fill your days with hope for tomorrow and let the mystery be, having faith that you will ultimately get wherever you are destined to go.