Skype is Helping Expats Learn Spanish in Costa Rica for Less

Skype has been an incredible asset of mine while living abroad. Everyone knows about Skype’s video conference call capabilities, but not everyone knows all of it’s great services and purposes. I purchase my own phone number through Skype so that my loved ones in the US can call me as if I’m just a few states away! I also have unlimited calling to the states for a couple of bucks a month! Sheesh, I sound like a commercial. My love for the service recently doubled. 

Living in Costa Rica has really helped groom my Spanish skills, but not to the level that I would like. I’d like to have a private tutor, but the expense has been a barrier, until I stumbled upon Learned by Me. I’m not keen on the name, mind you, but their service is awesome! Based in Quito, Ecuador they employ native Spanish speakers with a variety of backgrounds to teach 45 minute lessons custom designed to achieve your goals! Because they are in Ecuador, a very affordable country, and utilize Skype, your cost is just $15 a lesson! Let me share with you my experience.

After reading about their service, I signed up for a free lesson by going, clicking on Language, Spanish and selecting a good date for me. Then I read about each of the available tutors for the day and chose Daniela because she looked friendly and had an excellent teaching experience! While booking the class I used coupon code: BAExpat which made my first class free! I was required to input my credit card information but wasn’t charged a dime. It does appear a bit unclear that you are receiving a free class until you advance to the second page where the coupon code entered will result in a zero balance. Then you’re ready to learn Spanish! I received a confirmation email, and a reminder email one day before my class. Ten minutes before my scheduled class, my instructor was online and requested to add me to her contact list. A minute or two before 10 am she messaged me asking if I was ready for our lesson. I replied with an enthusiastic YES! 

Daniela was cheerful, kind, and spoke clear and slow Spanish. She knew that I was an intermediate Spanish speaker because I provided that information along with my goals when I set up the appointment. She started out with basic chit chat to learn my true ability, and where my weaknesses were. When she had a handle on it, she told me she had prepared three lessons for the day, and allowed me to choose which one that I liked best. I enjoyed the 45 minutes and never felt intimidated. I think the only thing that I will change in my next appointment is I will request homework. Maybe that’s not in the cards for a first lesson.  

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