Be Patient and Pace Yourself

We crave stimulation when mental Mercury moves into fast paced Gemini on the 7th.

New strategies are coming into place and change is in the air. Our minds are quick and agile, restless and flippant, connecting this to that and that to this. Be patient and pace yourself, if you try to do everything at once some projects and plans could get caught up in the crossfire. Anywhere a question of value or self-worth arises arguments are possible, avoid saying things rashly that you will later regret.

Be understanding of each other’s insecurities and own your weaknesses without needing to project them onto others, choosing to let the little things go. We will work from now through the summer to create the shifts necessary for new life to emerge; keep an open mind and focus on bringing your life into greater balance; getting grounded in order to prevent yourself from being knocked down by the ever-changing tides.

As you navigate the question of short-term gain vs. long-term goals, focus on quality over quantity by arriving in the present and blossoming.