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This is an invitation to slow down, honor and listen your body. Allow yourself a break from high stress responsibilities, hectic and fast pace life style. The retreat takes place in Garza, a magical town located by the north pacific coast on the Guanacaste peninsula. The lush tropical and pristine surrounding offers the ideal environment for relaxation, well being and rejuvenation.

Each day everyone will receive a session of Tibetan Cranial and participate to one yoga classes (+ one optional). On the last day, Amber will guide us through a 5 Rhythms dance to allow space for integration, release and creativity, a sense of wholeness and a completion of a cycle. The combination of those various modalities offers a unique opportunity and an amazing life changing experience.

The retreat will be held at Akhi Center, a magical zen sanctuary located between mountain and ocean view. This is a non residential retreat. Daily breakfast and lunch are included. On the last day, we will have dinner all together, and you will have the possibility to invite family members and friends to participate to the 5Rhythms dance and dinner.
The retreat is open to a maximum of 6 people. Small group allows us to provide a very exclusive service with a relax atmosphere in an outstanding location. see rate and condition.

Geraldine will team with Monica Ramos, Bhajan Kaur and Amber Ryan.

With Monica, you will explore the art of relaxation and letting go, through a combination of profound breath work, joyous gratitude and long held yoga asanas (postures).  With the intention of releasing tension in the deep connective tissues, or fascia, this class will aid in the relaxation of mind and body.  

During Bhajan’s yoga class, you will be guided through a sequence that begins with melding into the silence and stillness within you by practicing a calming and relaxing breathing technique, and then expanding your awareness, as you become one with the immediate surroundings; and then simultaneously staying so relaxed that your stillness allows all things around you to settle, resulting in deep clarity and physical and mental renewal.

Amber will guide you through a 5 Rhythms dance, a simple yet profound moving meditation practice designed to bring out each individual’s creative potential as well as being a catalyst for deep healing in the body, mind, and soul regardless of your age, shape, gender, or physical endurance level.