Among the Paths: San Vicente

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The town of San Vicente is located in the district of San Antonio, Nicoya. This community with Chorotega roots keeps the ancient heritage of ceramics, wood-burning ovens and home workshops where they make crafts and cooking utensils. Although it is a small town of about 900 people, 90% of them are involved in pottery in some way, whether making, painting or selling it. Young people dedicate time to collecting raw material in the hills around San Vicente. The community has organized to create a cooperative of artisans together with the neighboring town of Guaitil in order to obtain the Certificate of Origin seal in the future, which would authenticate ceramics from the area. The Eco-museum is in the center of town, where artisans sell their pieces, hold exhibitions and give lectures to visitors. Also in the center, in front of the school, there is a small supply store called Super San Vicente.

Route from Nicoya: At the entrance to Nicoya where the Burger King is, take the gravel road toward San Antonio and Barra Honda. From there, go 19 kilometers to the northwest, passing through Florida, until you get to the center of San Vicente. Route from Santa Cruz: From the center of Santa Cruz, go 12 kilometers to Santa Barbara and from there, go 6 kilometers south to the center of San Vicente.

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