Get Focused and Disciplined About Life’s Changes

Saturn stations direct on the 7th, as Issues of birth, sex, death, intimacy, finance, psychological blockage, betrayal by others or Spirit, and emotional wounding return to the foreground.

We have spent the first half of the year dredging the depths of our souls, and facing the things that we would rather ignore.

We are reminded of the pieces of ourselves that we have lost along the way, or the things that we previously determined that we could live without.

These foundational flaws will need to be addressed before we can truly create anew. Surrender any judgment or blame and focus on letting go, without needing to label your circumstances as good or bad.

Acknowledge all you have done to learn and grow. Get focused and disciplined about the changes that you wish to make in your life.

Commit to responsibilities and step into your authority. Allow yourself to be led towards the greatest possible future, trusting that each circumstance is designed to open you up to a new way of seeing and moving in the world.

Saturn in Scorpio asks us to take what comes in stride, remembering that Life is not fair…. it is simply a lesson.  

The reward for our efforts is the strength to weather adversity and to carry on.