Full Lunar Eclipse: Changes are Upon Us

The moment that we have all been waiting for arrives with the full lunar eclipse on April 15th in justice-oriented Libra.

The changes are upon us and we can ride this wave to new energy as far as we believe it will carry us. The choice of which path to take from here is ours, we can grow in whatever direction we choose.

Expect culmination on many levels, as longstanding issues are drawn to ahead on a personal and on a grand scale. World news may shock us now, or we could experience loss on a collective level. Be prepared for the worst but expect the best, finding the balance between the fear of losing and the joy of awakening.

If we have the courage to face the truth, we will see that nothing outside of us can ever truly hurt us; proof of our spiritual existence will appear when our barn has burned to the ground.

On a personal level, the spotlight is falling on all types of relationships and our ability to balance in our lives and in the world around us. We are moving away from old patterns of connecting with each other, towards new models that can integrate our need for self-centered growth and awareness, with the rewards that come from deeply connecting and honest intimacy.

Relationships are being pushed towards growth; feelings and the desire for safety are highlighted. The way forward is to evolve our ability to interact with each other and communicate our needs clearly so that they can be met. Be courageous enough to let go of what no longer serves you.

Tension is expected, so be prepared to tread lightly; there are bound to be moments of darkness, and fears that will need to be addressed. Do your best to steer clear of arguments and criticism, aiming instead towards a vision of peace and harmony, shared ideals, compromise and co-creation. The key is to own your own issues, and realize which battles are truly worth fighting. Talk things through and work on finding compromise; acknowledge when your fears want to use judgment and criticism to push others away.

Keep your eyes open and your hands on the wheel; all concentration is necessary not to get caught in the crossfire. Be honest with yourself, and be gentle with yourself. Your present options may not seem perfect, but that does not mean they aren’t perfectly timed. Some transformations can no longer be avoided, but there could be new alternatives to old ideas about what that means… if an ending is necessary, dream of one that changes the parameters of your partnership, while still leaving space to honor and love that connection and that person for what it is.

We must realize that the people on our life matter, for better or for worse. The only way forward is to learn to be kind to each other, no matter what the circumstances and begin to embody the universal principle of Unconditional Love.