Keep Your Secrets Safe

The full moon arrives on the 16th in Virgo, bringing visions of the seeds that, if planted, will grow to fulfill us.

Find new ways to feed your relations by fostering a connection between your hearts truth and the tactics of your mind. Fuel your creative talents with technique and practical application. Deepen your emotional intelligence through self-care, cleansing, and ritual purification as you wait for new life to emerge.

Are you resisting a transformation that is looming in your world? Release control and accept the reality of your situation, letting others be free to be themselves; if you resist the truth it will lead to disappointment in the long run.

The inner critic could rear its head, but negativity will get you nowhere. Find forgiveness by changing your expectations of how things need to be, and peace by accepting things as they are. Take the time to get to know yourself, and the gifts that you are here to share. Heal your body with loving words and nourishing foods. Open your heart with self- love and devotion to a higher cause. Uplift your spirit through music and free flowing authentic movement. Lighten your mind with sunshine and a garden full of flowers.

When Mercury moves into Pisces on the 18th our subconscious gains territory, and we spend moments lost in reflection as our psychic skills come to foreground.

Logic eludes us and escapist tendencies abound; our opinions change directions quickly, without us even realizing that we are contradicting ourselves from one moment to the next. Read your environment and respond to the internal cues, hearing between the lines to glean what is not being said. We are exploring how to rectify our feelings with the facts and it is hard to tell where others stand, so keep your secrets safe.

Sensitivity is heightened and too much thought could lead to mental exhaustion; meditate to clear your mind and get creative with problem solving, letting spirit take the lead. Express complicated thoughts through music; draw and paint your dreams on the canvas of your own design. Champion the underdog inside, avoiding pessimism by daydreaming of a beautiful world or taking a swim in the sea.