Entretenimiento, Sámara

Writers in Samara Create a Haven for the Soul

The idea of being part of a writer’s group is not new, but now there is a new writer’s group in Samara that is getting together each Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. providing a safe haven for both amateur and professional writers to share scarps of their souls.

The group has attracted about a dozen English-speaking men and women from various countries who gather around a table at Samara Organics in the Natural Center in downtown Samara and share their love for writing.

They generally begin with a theme to prompt them to write for five to ten minutes and then share what they’ve written. The others listen attentively, occasionally reacting to a certain phrase or interjecting a comment, but mostly just listening.

Later they share a longer, more polished piece of writing that they have prepared during the week as “homework” based on a theme selected by the group during the previous week, for example writing about a first kiss, writing something that incorporates a favorite quote or writing about a human routine as if they were an alien observing the ritual.

The group began meeting in January, organized by Davina Pritchard, who works at Samara Organics. “I’m looking forward to it every week,” she said enthusiastically, noting that each week the writers are opening up more and more.

Although a few in the group have published some of their writing, the majority are simply people who love to write and are looking for a forum to express themselves, as well as benefiting from the camaraderie and the collective energy of the group. Pritchard explained that for her, the group provides a little bit of structure to writing and she enjoys working with other people’s ideas.