Areas of Ignorance Will be Exposed

Things may feel a bit crazy when Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on the 10th, as inner shifting that has been taking place begins to manifest in the world at large.

Areas of ignorance will be exposed; observe your emotional responses and investigate the parts of yourself that you often avoid, so as not to get caught in a web of your own making.

Spend time sorting things out and organize; become aware and informed. Allow room for co-creation with the Universe, trusting that what is meant to work out will. If things don’t go the way that you would like them to, you are destined for something better.

Lay the ground work for the future by awakening to the truth residing within you. The light is illuminating the unaccepted or exiled aspects of our humanity in order for us to reconcile with the more galactic pieces of our being. Acknowledge that any feelings of vulnerability are pointing you towards old wounds that are finally ready to be healed. Learn how to own and honor the facets that you had previously deemed unlovable or unacceptable by the world at large. Connect with like-minded compatriots and explore yourself through their eyes, appreciating every inch of originality within you.

We may see the weight of our actions upon the environment now as earth shifting or volcanic activity is possible.