Because the Time is Ripe for Awakening

Happy New Year world! Breathe deep and take a moment to honor making it this far, finding reverence for all that has passed on and peace in your heart.  Enjoy the wonders around you, inviting the earth to sooth your system and bring your natural rhythms back into balance.

Everything will have its season in 2014. Much will end during this cycle around the wheel, depositing us on the threshold of a new paradigm that is being ushered in by potent eclipses taking place in October.

Begin putting your affairs in order. January opens with a potent new moon on the 1st; that declares we are moving into fresh territory. The will to succeed is strong now, but the challenges are numerous. A cardinal grand cross is in place throughout the month that will push us to our limits, and may leave us feeling as if we are caught in between a rock and a hard place. Do your best to sit back and observe the obstacles as they appear. How you chose to deal with what comes will directly affect the circumstances that are set to arise in the spring. We are heading towards a peak experience. The last 500 feet of the climb are always the roughest; do not expect this to be any different. Prepare as you would for a great race. Pace yourself, and build endurance.

The Capricorn new moon on the 1st highlights a stellium of planets that are pushing us to succeed. We wish to move swiftly towards our goals, but are being prevented by circumstances in the outside world. You may feel like your shoulders bear more than your share of the burden; that you are being weighted down by the demands of others, or forced to deal with seemingly outdated ways of being and doing, as you attempt to get things done.

Partnership takes center stage, shining the spotlight on the concepts of love, money, sensuality, beauty and how are individual needs and desires are being met. Give gratitude for any gifts received, but do not use them to ignore any lingering sense of lack. Issues that where previously swept under the rug will resurface for resolution. If you yearn to be freed up from something that is preventing you from being happy, then it is time to reconsider what you decided that you could live with, and get ready to make the changes that you thought you could avoid.

If you discover that you have foregone your dreams in favor of safety and predictability- look for ways to support yourself, trusting that you have all the skills necessary to succeed. If your choices have been out of alignment with higher laws, you may be shut down or rerouted and realigned with opportunities that will push you to expand. Get real with yourself because you will be nudged again and again until you step up, and create the transformation that you know must occur.

Breakthroughs are possible when you look for ways to change your circumstances. Be ethical in your pursuit of happiness and gentle in your pursuit of other’s. Karmic occurrences are the Universes way of pushing us to get clear on what our priorities have been, and where they should be. The key to harnessing this dynamic forward energy is to exercise patience. Breathe deep and keep things in perspective. This is a very personal experience, affecting each of us in a different way.

Low self-image, negative relationships, unrewarding careers, political choices, unsustainable habits and lifestyles, parental roles, familial responsibility, authority figures, financial investment, previous commitments, acknowledgement and ownership of our personal pathology, and spiritual freedom are all subjects that could be up for review.