The Earth Renews Herself

The month closes with a new moon in Gemini on the 28th, awakening us to the next level of our development.

If you feel adrift in murky waters, work to release any habits or patterns that have you continually falling in the same old traps; guard against negativity, trusting that every undertaking will work out right in the end. Realign with the planet by sitting quietly and envisioning a grounding cord that runs from the tail of your spine down through the earth, into the central core of the planet.

Reconnect and listen to the signals and the signs you receive, sinking into your body, slowing your impulses, and softening your drive. As the Earth renews herself, so must we; the timing is perfect for merging with the flow and mixing it up! Begin to feel your way forward, letting your intuition guide you. Clean the slates and make a plan, asking yourself what areas of your life need to be simplified and which need a jolt of spontaneous ingenuity. Feel flirtatious and alive, ready to explore any avenues that will help you to get where you wish to. 

Explore new roles and try on different costumes, finding a fresh enthusiasm that transforms your window to the world.