Dig Your Roots Deep

The new moon arrives on the 8th, in Cancer, anchoring and amplifying our feelings.

Pay attentions to your body’s deeper needs, and the natural cycling of your emotions.

Take a moment to indulge in some much needed self-care. Enjoy a bath. Spruce up the home front. Surround yourself with flowers.Eat nourishing foods.

If you have been feeling unloved or alone, avoid anger and emotional manipulation, as they will ultimately get you nowhere.

Instead, question the ways in which you may have been denying the role of the receptive in your life. Examine your ability to give and receive.

Look closely at the inner strength needed to honor your emotions. Seek out the voice of your heart.

Express your feelings; let words of affection and admiration fall freely from your lips.

Remind yourself that love cannot be forced. It is your duty to share it with the world, and trust that you will be rewarded for your bravery.

Dig your roots deep. Return to the drawing board, making an effort to integrate the feminine within. It is time. If you have been stagnating, this energy will start the ball moving again.

People from the past may reappear for connection or closure.

Many Blessings and Pura Vida!