Among the Paths: La Esperanza

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The town of La Esperanza of Nicoya is located in the higher elevations of the cantons of Santa Cruz and Nicoya.

Located at an altitude of about 820 meters above sea level, it has great potential for tourism since it is surrounded by the biodiversity of Diria National Park and also has a privileged geographical position that is ideal for developing activities such as agriculture, coffee production and raising domestic animals.

Around 250 people (60 families) have settled throughout the territory. The community has a rural high school, a development association, a producers association and a community bank that promotes projects for women’s groups, agriculture and chicken and pig farms.

Other important projects that the development association is struggling to achieve are making a road between Nambi and Ostional and forming a rural community aqueduct.

During the summer months, the Guadamuz Diaz family devotes time to sugar production from sugarcane. They are one of the few families in the country and in the area that still uses the traditional mill.

Another tradition that the community preserves is Guanacaste’s regional music through great artistic role models like Victoriano “Tano” Lopez and Pedro Baltodano.

For accommodations, you may contact Jorge Castrillo, administrator of La Casona in Diria National Park at 8318-0897

For lunch, you can visit Brisas del Oriente restaurant, which is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) east of La Esperanza in Oriente de Juan Diaz. In town, there is a pulperia (small general store) located next to the soccer field.

Directions: Entering by the Nambi plaza, take the first entrance on the left and from there, go up 16 kilometers (10 miles) towards Oriente de Juan Diaz, going through the community of Colas de Gallo and reaching the viewpoint area of La Esperanza.