Full Moon in Scorpio

The full moon arrives in sensual Scorpio on the 14th, offering up the magic to transform our world, the power to slay our demons, and the secret elixir that can heal our wounds.

Issues of sacrifice, as well as circumstances surrounding birth, death, sensuality, sexuality, shared income, financial projects, resources and property, mystery and all hidden or deeper aspects of the psyche and cosmos could emerge.

Slow down and deal with the things that need to be rectified, looking deeply at why you do what you do, and whether it is truly to your benefit; patterns that keep you from vulnerability and protect you from having to trust are ready to be transformed.

Be wary of any tendency to attempt to protect your heart from pain or injury, using your emotional intelligence to shed fears and identify mental blocks or patterns that perpetually set you up for disappointment. Let bygones be bygones and use honesty to rectify your situation, transmuting any secrets that are revealed into revelations that can bring forth any changes necessary to recreate your life.

Explore ways to tone down your obligations so that you can spend more time doing what you love; release things of waning importance and conserve your resources, making sure you have enough to reach your goals. Be realistic about the obstacles present, secretly designed to get you where you need to go.