Listen to Your Dreams

The full moon in Pisces arrives on the 19th, whisking us of into the world of fantasy and illusion.

Emotions are running high. The road ahead is distorted and hazy. Spend time daydreaming about how the hero/ine within you is championing a very important quest. Listen to your dreams for important clues and signs. Become one with nature. Immerse in the water, feeling boundaries dissolve. Offer your wishes to the sea, trusting that the ocean of life will return to you what is meant to be.

Resist the urge to escape, breathing your way through any upheaval. Sense what is coming by acknowledging the cycles and seasons of life and honor the transition from birth through death, spending time with other age groups in order to glean a perspective different from your own. Be part of important events in the larger community. As we are moved by synchronicities beyond our control, timing is everything. Be led by your heart and let vulnerability show you the place within that knows how to love unconditionally.

When powerful Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on the 20th, look back to April for ideas that were just beginning to take shape.

Changes that may have seemed scary or undesirable then, have become necessary for our growth. This will be a pivotal time; a part us is dying so that another can be born. Grieve as you go, releasing the old patterns and habits that keep you rooted in the past. Some structures may fall to create space for new development. The future looms ahead, but first the river must be crossed and the chasm is wide. Your are being asked to make a giant step forward, no matter how uncomfortable the growing pains. Realizations are arriving. We are being offered an opportunity to grow beyond what we have always been.

Sometime between now and January of 2014 a leap of faith will be required. These changes are the answer to what you have been secretly yearning for. The more gratitude and willingness with which you step into them, the easier it will be to ride out the waves. Become a catalyst for your own transformation. Stay focused on the task at hand. Any set backs are only temporary.   You are powerful, graceful, lovable and kind. Explore different ways that you can fill up the spaces within, and around you, with Beauty.