Mars Swims into Pisces on the 12th

Something has to change in order for us to grow. What are you clinging to? What have you been resisting? Avoid the passive aggressive approach and be direct with your issues, getting down to the bare bones of truth regarding what is still holding you back. Surprises are possible so use delays to your advantage.

Take in the subtle nuances that can help you glean a deeper understanding, changing your view of the past in order to see what is real. What you believe will persist, so release any victim mentality and resist the urge to escape, choosing instead to infuse your imagination with optimism and hopeful possibilities. If you have been disappointed by another’s actions, take a stand for what you deserve. Release the need for perfection in a partner and seek out the one who can suit you best, expanding your version of what is possible. If you want to rebel, make love, not war, trading in feelings of unrest for the courage to choose what brings us together. We cannot wait until the time is right, there is no such thing as ready… Take a leap of faith and honor that we are all One, letting unconditional love have the lead.

Awaken from your slumber and find the place where mastery becomes service to the world. Support the underdog and make your community grow by watering it with Kindness and Gratitude.