Nosara, Entretenimiento

Nosara Bridge Club to Host Marathon to Benefit Alzheimer’s

Joining the American Contract Bridge League’s team, the Nosara Bridge Club will participate in “The Longest Day,” an annual fundraising event for the Alzheimer’s Association.  On June 21, the longest day of the year, Bridge Club members will begin play at dawn and continue until sunset.

“We love to play the game, and we hope to play it until the day we die,” said Mike Olson, the Club’s cofounder and bridge teacher. “We like to think it holds off cognitive impairments that accompany aging. We’re happy to join in raising money for continuing research on this disease that troubles so many families.”

The basic idea of “The Longest Day” is that teams of all kinds form around activities of interest, seek financial commitments from family and friends, and then do something they enjoy doing for the entire day. Many Bridge Club members are away at this time of year, so keeping the game going all day will be a challenge for those who are here in Nosara – but they are confident they can do it.

“It took only about fifteen minutes for us to get emails from players ready for the dawn start,” Olson said.  “We think it will be a fun day. We hope people who are curious about the game will stop by. Someone will be available all day to explain how we play and to encourage the curious to consider taking it up.”

Play will be at the Olson home at Condominio de Las Flores. For information or to register to participate call 2682-0200 or email [email protected].