Profound Shifts are Occurring

July opens in the midst of a potent mercury retrograde season.

Profound shifts are occurring. Tidal waves of emotion have swept in, leaving us no choice but to sink or swim.

As we move from the realm of thoughts into the realm of feelings, truth becomes murky and confusion abounds.

We are gaining direct contact with the part of us that wants to keep the things we care for safe, and discovering the limitations in our ability to control the outcome.

Our days are being marked by poignant endings, and miraculous new beginnings. Some of the events currently unfolding may be painful and/or hard to swallow, but digest them we must.

As we explore our deeper feelings, we will glean insight into who we are, where we are, and how we got here.

Release the mental ruminations of late, in favor of heart centered truth and wisdom.

Ties are being established with the past, in order to uncover a deeper vein of faith that is running through our lives.

Focus falls on issues relating to home, family, safety, and emotional security.


Many blessings and pura vida!