Nosara, General

Schism Between the Masculine and Feminine Energies is Being Exposed

Venus moves into Pisces on the 6th, softening our edges and heightening our sensitive side. Look within for a sense of higher truth that is guiding you through the darkness.

As the boundaries between us blur, follow your instincts towards divine communion with each other. Listen closely, as your intuitive voice grows stronger and synchronicities become commonplace. Any unacknowledged issues could rise to the surface for review. Honor your ability to know the answers to your deepest questions, beyond any need for proof. Release victim roles that you are clinging to, no matter how entitled you may feel. Find your freedom by embracing forgiveness, compassion, faith and unity.

We are changing in ways that we cannot explain. We are working to balance the two sides of ourselves, and the schism between the masculine and feminine energies is being exposed

Champion the underdog by giving the parts of you that you normally suppress the benefit of the doubt. Spend introspective time on, in, or near the water, ritualistically inviting cleansing and purification. Focus on new modes of health and healing that can assist you on your journey. Delve deep into a spiritual practice that puts you in better touch with your higher self. Move with Grace, inspired by the Nature that is in constant flux around you. Let your inner muse come out, and enact your deepest yearnings.

Mercury moves into Aries on the 8th adding lightening to the already potent mix. There is an impending volcanic eruption in our consciousness, and a universal belief may be shaken to its foundation. Breathe deeply the energy that is pulsing through your veins, as the universal forces come into play. Our world is beginning to shift in a very real way; challenges are looming, and we must choose how to make our next move forward. Find the places that are not healed, and the wounds that you are projecting onto the world around you. Are you waging a war outside of you, when the battle is actually within? Look deeply at anything that is triggering you, as the chances are that the roots lie far in the recesses of your past.

See what is not working as an opportunity be faced and recognized. If you find yourself at the center of someone else’s issues, step aside, trusting that it is not personal.

Challenge yourself to new heights of enthusiasm, learning to roll with the punches and take it in stride. If things start to feel a little bit crazy, laugh it off as much as you can. Own your talents, your choices, your right to be big, bold, beauty-full and brave. Shine brightly, filled with positive intentions. There is enough space for everybody. Use kind words and kind actions to diffuse any hostility. What may feel threatening to others could be the fire that will assist them to awaken.