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Tai ma, the Dog that Surfs the Guiones Waves (Video)

What could be better than having your pooch as your surf buddy? Enrique Campos, a local surf instructor is that lucky one in Guiones. He gets to ride the waves with his pup pretty frequently. 

He found Tai ma six years ago when she was about one month old. She was a puppy to a street dog. After being rescued by Campos, she was immediately in the family.  

This year is her third season of surfing. She even started going out to catch waves with her owner last month and now she can choose to  surf by herself or with her owner. 

Sure enough, Tai ma is way past the level of just being able to sit on a board. If she could enter Surf Dog Competition at Huntington Dog Beach in CA, she would probably make it to first three with her current skills. Apparently, dogs that can stand up on the board on full four legs, get the highest score.