Jaime Gamboa and three reasons to donate to The Voice of Guanacaste

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

Composer and musician Jaime Gamboa, from the renowned national group Malpais, participated in Teletica’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” program on Tuesday night, June 21, as a special guest for World Music Day. 

The writer of songs like Boceto para Esperanza (Sketch for Esperanza) and Hila y Reta (a way of saying a string of words) decided to donate what he earned during his time in the “hot seat” to The Voice of Guanacaste.

We asked him why he decided to do that and his response has been so emotional for our entire team that we’ve decided to share it verbatim here:

I’ve been a declared fan of The Voice of Guanacaste since it began. I’m one of those who consume information online and I’ve become quite critical because there’s a lot of rubbish, a lot of misinformation, a lot of people who repeat what comes from other places or who rehash it. One is grateful for a serious news outlet that takes its job seriously, that does it with love, with talent, that goes into depth in interviews, that studies.

There’s nothing worse than someone coming to interview you and they don’t know who you are and they don’t know what you do. That respect that the journalists of The Voice of Guanacaste have for their work, for the public and for the people they interview seems very valuable to me. Then the vision and creativity they have to develop their reports, the depth, they really look for rich sources, sources that educate, that bring a different vision.

And they don’t just look for the source but they develop it very carefully, with the vision that journalism has to be pleasant, educational and open people’s eyes.

So, well… what more reasons! In addition to the fact that [at The Voice], their focus and axis is my beloved province of Guanacaste, where I wasn’t born but of which I have declared myself a citizen because I feel like it. That’s what my grandfather did 50 years ago or more, who came from Belarus and traveled halfway around the world to get there and become a Nicoyan. So, well, I too, with the same right as him, declare myself Guanacastecan. And all of this comes together so that I’ve decided to support The Voice of Guanacaste.

If you also want to strengthen the journalism we do, remember that you can donate to us through Sinpe Movil at 8740-2648.

Here are some other reasons to make your donation today:

  1. We reinvest the money you donate to us to do the best human rights journalism in Costa Rica: high-impact investigations in the communities, stories that go beyond the limits of local media, products made with quality and aesthetics worthy of national and international awards. 

We recommend reading some of them here:


  1. Our journalism listens to communities wherever they are, in the midst of their concerns about drought or flooding, when they experience violence and when they find solutions that can be replicated. We’re not your voice, but your voice raised loud enough to be heard by authorities and national leaders.

Here are some examples of how we listen to communities:


  1. Enriching journalism also strengthens democracy. More and more so, local media become a fundamental pillar to represent population groups that rarely appear on other channels. The population that identifies with what they read is more likely to use it to make better decisions, not just about daily life but also politics.

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