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Garbage collection in Nosara will start next Monday

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On Monday, February 10, the garbage collection will begin in Nosara, four months after the the local government of Nicoya promised it.

The contracted company, Servicios Generales de Recolección y Limpieza, will do six routes a week that we detail here:

Monday San Fernando, Barco Quebrado and Garza
Tuesday Esperanza Sur, Pelada and Bocas de Nosara
Wednesday Guiones
Thursday Arenales and Santa Teresita
Friday Nosara Downtown and San Pedro
Saturday Sección EE, Santa Marta, part of Barrio Los Ángeles and road to Ostional


According to the Department of Environmental Management, at this time the muni picks up 48% of the canton’s garbage through the Aurora de Costa Rica concessionaire. Expanding the service to Nosara will increase that percentage to 63%, serving some 1,300 more families.

The entity’s proposal establishes that each property participating in the collection must pay a each three months a minimum of ¢9,800 (some $16) and up to ¢ 147,000 ($245) maximum in the case of businesses. The waste will be taken to the dump in the canton of Santa Cruz.

The environment manager of the municipality, Jorge Esquivel, explained that as it is such a large extension, it will be key that the community commits itself to paying the taxes to demonstrate that the service is sustained.

If the culture of delinquency governs, the service can come down,” said Esquivel.

The co-founder of the organization Nosara Recicla, Jéssica Sheffield, said that this has been a ten-year struggle and that is why it represents a dream come true.

“It’s a relief for the community, but it’s only the first step: we have to improve the recycling collection routes and see what we do with the dump, if we move the garbage or initiate a technical process so that it does not represent a risk,” Sheffield added.

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